Vacation Church School Materials VCS Teacher’s Manual 14 x 21.5 x .5 cm

follow Price: PhP 350.00; USD 17.50/set inclusive of Activity Sheets

The Teacher’s Manuals are easy-to-follow lesson plans for four age groups of children — Nursery-Kindergarten, Younger Elementary, Middle Elementary and Older Elementary. The theme for 2010 is God, give us a servant leader. It comes with activity sheets, visuals and VCS poster.?


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Price: PhP 100.00; USD 5.00

source link A recording of 55 songs to enliven each session of VCS. This will greatly assist the teacher and children in learning the songs. It comes in CD format

kaletra hersteller . lopinavir ritonavir online store VCS Song Book

Price: PhP 40.00; USD 2.00

The VCS Song Book, with is musical
notation is a good resource to accompany the audio CD or cassette tape.