Week of Prayer for Christian Unity 2018

This year’s celebration of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity (WPCU) will be held on January 13-20, 2018 with the theme: “Your Right hand, O Lord, Glorious in Power” as inspired by Exodus 15:6.

The contemporary Caribbean is deeply marked by the dehumanizing project of colonial exploitation. In their aggressive pursuit of mercantile gains, the colonizers codified brutal systems which traded human beings and their forced labor.

Today, Caribbean Christians of many different traditions see the hand of God active in the ending of enslavement. It is a uniting experience of God’s saving action which brings freedom. The Caribbean ecumenical team chose the song of Moses and Miriam (Ex 15:1-21) — a song of triumph over oppression — as the motif of this year’s Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.

As we stand against all forms of exploitation and dehumanization and as we share the same challenges in our country, we believe that God is standing right beside us. God’s right hand is ready to manifest its might and power. The hand that manifests grace towards the oppressed, that protects the vulnerable; but also the hand that applies justice to the oppressor and destroys the destroyer. Today we can see it working among us through those who are working for justice, peace and unity in our communities, in our countries and in the world. Let us rejoice and celebrate every battle won in these areas, as the Israelites sang to God and celebrated the liberty and the victory He has given them!“

With these, all member churches of the National Council of Churches in the Philippines are enjoined to attend the ecumenical liturgical services as indicated below: