About Us

Founded in 1963, the National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP) is an ecumenical fellowship of non-Roman Catholic denominations in the Philippines working for unity in faith and order.  This implies providing the churches opportunities for common prophetic witness and service in responding to the people’s issues, specifically justice and peace, human dignity and rights, and the integrity of creation.  It finds its theological basis on the fact of the incarnation – of God in solidarity with us, especially with those who suffer and the vulnerable – for the affirmation of just and inclusive communities.  It also compels the church to bring about Christian hope in to the realm of the possible in a society weighed down by systemic violence and degradation.

The ministry of the NCCP is organized into three distinct programs – Ecumenical Education and Nurture, Christian Unity and Ecumenical Relations, and Faith, Witness and – which seek to express its mission of promoting fellowship, being a channel of united witness and a vibrant and credible institution for Christian solidarity towards genuine transformation of church and society.

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