Ecumenical Education and Nurture

Our work is guided by 3 principles: Education is not neutral, it is not passive, and cannot be compartmentalized.  Its task is to educate people on values that promote Shalom and to empower people towards an inclusive community where more people can participate in God’s OIKOUMENE.  The program unit operates through four program thrusts:

Nurture and Value Formation – focuses on the development of curricula and conducts facilitators’ training for children’s faith education in local churches and its outreach communities across the country mainly for Vacation Church School (VCS). It also engages in initiatives for inter-agency cooperation for the promotion and defense of children’s rights.

Capacity Building and Ecumenical Formation – focuses on programs for the development of ecumenical leaders among the clergy, youth, women and lay through the Basic Ecumenical Course (BEC) and Summer Internship Program (SIP). It also provides opportunities for young people cross-cultural learning through internship programs and visits.

Ecumenical Leadership Formation – mainly focuses on programs for youth and women. Through the Women’s Desk, women engage in building a community of faith through women’s formation, advocacy for gender justice, and by providing spaces for discussions on issues that directly affect them. The Youth Desk facilitates formation courses and avenues of leadership development for ecumenical young people.

Advocacy, Networking and Publications – focuses on specific issues of current interest, especially those affecting the lives of women, youth and children and the churches in general such as HIV/AIDS, and reproductive rights and health. It also promotes cooperation with organizations that pursue the ecumenical agenda.