A Prayer for the Nation

This prayer was written by Rev. Rex R.B. Reyes, Jr., NCCP General Secretary and was meant to be delivered at the House of Representatives on the occasion of the State of the Nation Address (SONA) on July 23, 2012.  However, a different prayer was read at the beginning of the SONA, provided by the organizers of the event.


Almighty and Sovereign God, we thank you that in every generation and through your people you have called and sent men and women to cooperate with you in the governance of people whom you call to be one nation. We thank you for the examples of the great men, women and youth, from those of the mountains to those of the plains, both the living and the departed, who fought that we may be a country, and those who continue to struggle to uphold that sovereignty.

Hearken now to our prayers and intercessions for the people of this land, in whose name these offices of the President, Senate and Congress have been constituted and instituted.

Stir the hearts of these your servants:

  • That they may see visions of a country blessed by genuine prosperity where hunger, violence, terror, injustice, and disaster are not their constant companions; be present where, amidst our diversity, they will recognize your promise of abundant life to all who love you; in times of abundance and want, make them examples that we, with them, shall not lose confidence in your divine providence and that we may learn to share and share graciously ‘til none shall be in need;
  • That they may dream dreams of a people blessed by freedom from the shackles of ignorance and disease; pour upon them your gift of true discernment  in their deliberations and decisions that never again shall so priceless a gift of dignity and humanity be taken away from us; grant them the grace and the will to pursue and fulfill them with justice and righteousness;
  • That they may be good examples of stewards of this heritage passed on to us and that through them,  we will use our natural resources, responsibly, mindful of the account which each one of us will one day render and that future generations shall live secure, grateful to you for the produce of the land.

As we commend to your direction our President and these your other servants, so do we commend all others who take part in governance in every part of this country, that you our Creator will write in their hearts “whatsoever are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure and lovely, whatsoever things are of good report,” virtuous and worthy of praise (Phil. 4.8).  May they attain true greatness through honest and laudable service.

Finally, may you, the Sovereign of all sovereigns and who looks into the very soul of this Republic of the Philippines, the heart of the President and the members of Congress and the life of this country, find this assembly pleasing, upright and faithful to your demand for justice and your call for peace.

These we ask in the name of the Great Spirit and Counselor who continues to teach us who never learn.  Amen.


(with some paraphrased from the Book of Common Prayer.)