NCCP Participates in Environmental Investigative Mission

In partnership with KALIKASAN (literally, nature; People’s Network for the Environment), Task Force Urban Conscientization and the Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines, the NCCP embarked on an environmental investigative mission in Barangay San Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal to look at quarrying activities there.  The area being quarried is very near the relocation site for urban poor people whose homes in the metro area were demolished.  This poses grave danger to the people who were relocated there especially during typhoon season.  Geographically, the Philippines is located where tropical storms pass through.  Historically, strong typhoons that have hit the country resulted in major disasters with thousands of people left homeless if not dead.  Quarrying activities have literally carved the mountain with the trees that could help prevent flooding gone.  Furthermore, community elders, the quarry is near a watershed.  Thus, the residents in the area are in vulnerable to massive flooding during rainy season.  Residents are opposed to the quarrying activities but dissent is kept at bay by the presence of 16th Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army that protect the corporations that do the quarrying.

The investigation made is also upon the request of the residents because they need help in gathering data to support their filing of legal cases against the companies involved in the quarrying activities as well as raise more awareness among the community.  The environment investigation’s main aims are:

  • To unite church people in a sustained and concerted effort to protect our national patrimony;
  • To actively call for the repeal of the Philippine Mining Act of l995 and other environmentally destructive laws;
  • To link with other groups who are actively campaigning against large-scale mining and other ecologically-destructive projects and programs.
  • To generate the widest and broadest possible support for a genuine people’s mining policy

The NCCP was tapped to help in the documentation of the investigation.  Please click on the link below to view part of the data that was gathered.


View:  Environmental Investigation in Rodriguez, Rizal