In Anticipation of Easter for Lumad Children

Last February 13, 2013 the Pray, Fast, Build was launched by Task Force Damayang Simbahan sa Panahon ng Disaster (DAMBANA) at Sto. Domingo Church.  This event coincided with Ash Wednesday, the start of the Lenten season.  In the spirit of Lent, church people were encouraged to pray for the survivors of Typhoon Pablo especially for the Lumad children who are wanting of a school.  The same were encouraged to fast and redirect the monetary equivalent of a meal for the building of a school for the children.

[View:  Lumads Lose School to Typhoon Pablo]

Last March 25, DAMBANA and church people gathered at St. Theresa’s College to turn over to Balsa Mindanao, represented by Mr. Francis Morales, the monies collected to help build the school.

The response of church people is heartwarming.  In the turnover ceremony, people shared their schemes in helping raise the needed amount.  For some seminarians, they set aside PhP 100 a week from their allowance and some skipped their usual merienda (snack) and saved the amount for the fundraising campaign.  Others cut down on the usual amount they spend for a meal and save the rest.  One child gave the PhP 200.00 he received last Christmas to his fellow children in Mindanao.  Retired ICM sisters gave their filled piggy bank to the cause and mentioned that there is no retirement in helping others.

The amount raised is PhP 412,767.80.  Ms. Minnie Anne Calub, Program Secretary of Faith, Witness and Service of the NCCP and Ms. Norma Dollaga of DAMBANA symbolically turned over a check with the corresponding amount to Balsa Mindanao signed by all people who were present during the ceremony.  Mr. Francis Morales accepted the check for Balsa Mindanao and gave a brief update on how the survivors are rebuilding their lives.

Indeed, this is a promise of Easter especially for the indigenous children in Mindanao.