Asian Student and Youth Gathering Happening in Manila

The Youth Desk of the National Council of Churches in the Philippines, Kalipunan ng Kristiyanong Kabataan sa Pilipinas and PHIL-Net (EASY Net Philippines) are jointly hosting the Asian Student Youth Gathering or ASYG 2013 from August 30 to September 5, 2013.  This event will bring together 150 youths and students from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Mongolia, Japan, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, East Timor, India, Nepal, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, Hong Kong, South Korea, Myanmar, Aotearoa-New Zealand, Cambodia and Philippines, representing the different member organizations of Ecumenical Asia Student and Youth Network or EASY Net – Asia Pacific Alliance of YMCAs, Christian Conference of Asia, International Movement of Catholic Students, International Young Christian Students Asia, World Student Christian Federation, World Young Women Christian Organization, International Young Christian Workers – Asia Pacific.

The ASYG represent conscientious youth and students who are committed to issues of climate justice; education and students’ rights; gender justice, sexuality, HIV and AIDS; interfaith and religious justice; economic justice and migration; human rights; and, war and militarism.  It represents a vibrant youth who are responsible and caring citizens of the world, youth who take action to ensure a better world for them and for the coming generations.  The youth of the world is claiming “Justice and Peace Now!”

The ASYG aims to:

  • Create space / common platform for youth Church leaders / students from Asia and the Pacific to celebrate, dialogue in diversity and solidarity
  • Strengthen revive/revitalize Asian youth ecumenical networking and promote youth involvement in prophetic ministry of justice, peace and various contemporary issues of Human Rights.
  • Reflect on the realities of Asian Youth through youth eyes and to challenge the youth and students to participate in promoting a culture of peace and justice in  pluralistic perspectives
  • Bring a prophetic voice and develop theological understanding to uphold and affirm life in its fullness in the context of an unjust society (Asia/world) to establish peace.
  • Enhance the National Ecumenical teams participation in cultivating culture of peace and justice