NCCP Development Consultation

The NCCP advocates for a holistic development of people and nation and is guided by the “Angono Document” and the “Tagaytay Covenant” as framed by representatives of NCCP member-churches.  These landmark documents spell out the perspective, principles and strategies of NCCP development work.

NCCP understands that “development must begin with a concrete analysis of society, structure and culture.”  Underdevelopment results when only a few people or even nations control the resources and this is considered a “sin” because everyone else suffers.

Thus, NCCP’s development thrust focused on

  • Education for Liberation
  • ?  Advocacy and Campaign of people’s issues and agenda
  • ?  Organizing for the empowerment of the marginalized.
  • ?  Networking and Linkaging

In the same manner, these landmark documents are the member-churches’ framework, that will enable them to become a “tabernacle church” — a church that accompanies the people in their journey towards the “promised land.”

On March 18-20, the NCCP through the Program Unit on Faith, Witness and Service will hold a National Consultation on Development at Maria Antonia Paris Retreat House at 48-A Cenacle Drive, Sanville Subdivision, Barangay Culiat, Quezon City.  This activity is still part of the NCCP’s year-long celebration of its Jubilee.  The Consultation aims to:

  1. revisit NCCP’s understanding of its ecumenical development framework;
  2. share among churches and partners the different experiences on development work;
  3. update the NCCP development framework to mirror the current national and global context; and,
  4. identify areas of cooperation among churches, Civil Society Organizations and other development actors.

On the last day of the Consultation, everyone is invited to the “Tribute to Ecumenical Martyrs and Heroes” from 3:00 p.m to 7:00 p.m.  This is to recognize the valuable work of ecumenical workers who have rendered service for the pursuit of a just and peaceful world; of a heaven here on earth.

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