Ecumenical Witness Sunday 2017

(A few years after its founding as a Council of Churches in November, 1963, the NCCP Executive Committee designated the 3rd Sunday of November as NCCP Sunday or currently known as the Ecumenical Witness Sunday Celebration. This annual endeavor is mandated by the NCCP General Convention. The observance aims to promote and popularize the NCCP and the ecumenical movement at the grassroots level and to generate resources (financial, human, material, spiritual) for the Council’s continuing life, prophetic witness and advocacies).

With these, we enjoin all member churches to participate in this year’s observance of the Ecumenical Witness Sunday Celebration on November 19 with the theme, “Pursuing Together the Common Journey for Abundant Life for All” from Acts 2:42-47).

At times when we seem to be overtaken by the varied concerns in our midst and at times when disunity becomes more pronounced because of the ambiguity of and hyperbolic statements of our leaders and more so when lives and livelihood are at stake, it behooves Christian social witness to lay a harder grip on the “apostles  teaching and fellowship, (and) the breaking of bread and the prayers” (Acts 2:42)

Community and the sharing that necessarily characterizes that community need to be affirmed in these troubling times where the threat of war has never been as real as before.  In prayer and in action, Christian social responsibility is a rallying cry to obey Jesus Christ who has commanded us to love God and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves.

May this occasion of the observance of NCCP Sunday be call for united prayer and action in pursuit of the promise of life in fullness for all “Blessed be the ties that binds, our hearts in Jesus’ love the fellowship of Christian minds, is like to that above.”